Our Give Back Program gives a percentage of each sale back to our partner trail organization to help them build, maintain, and protect, our National Scenic Trails through their various established programs.

Core Values

Our Give Back program is a major core value of our company, and is one of our founding goals for a way to help our non-profit partners continue their work. Being trail users and volunteer maintainers ourselves, we know how hard it can be to keep a trail maintained, build new tread, and secure land and corridors to protect our resources for future generations.

8% Of Every Purchase

8% of the wholesale price of each hat sold, is given back to the designated trail organization or non-profit we license with, to help them fund their work. We know that these well run organizations know best how to use their financial resources to continue their programs, and we are proud to work with them in achieving their goals.


Every purchase is a win-win situation through our Give Back program. You get to wear a hat representing the trail you love and maybe have hiked, a great way to educate others about America’s National Trail System, and to know that through your purchase you are supporting the organization keeping that trail in good working order for you and future users.

We Want To Partner With You.

Crown Trails Headwear is excited to hear from other trail organizations, parks, and non-profits, about how we can work together to create new programs on their behalf. Our goal is to expand the line, and product offering to be able to better help all of current and future partners.

If you are interested in learning more about how our program works, please contact us: