The Pacific Northwest Trail runs 1,200 miles east to west, from its Eastern terminus at the US Canadian border at Chief Mountain in Glacier National Park, to its Western terminus at the Pacific Ocean near Cape Alva, WA. The trail crosses 3 National Parks  and 7 national forests, making it one of the most scenic and adventurous trails in the world. Originally the PNT was a concept put forth by Ron Strickland who came up with the idea for the trail, and wrote its first guide book. Over a few decades the trail grew in scope and popularity and in 2009 the PNT was officially signed in as a National Scenic Trail.

The Pacific Northwest Trail Association oversees the work being done on the PNT. Through their efforts new trail is being built, needed re-routes are taking away some of the road walks and instead putting hikers into the forest. They continue to work hard so future generations can enjoy the PNT and its wild places.